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In an emergency, every second counts. And so does every penny.

We need your help to reach people in crisis.

Whatever and wherever the emergency, you can rely on Red Cross and Red Crescent teams to be there to help. Every day, our emergency response teams are working to reach families and communities in the UK and around the world whose lives, homes and livelihoods have been destroyed through deadly extreme weather events – heatwaves, hurricanes, drought, wildfires, volcanoes, floods and storms – as well as escalating conflict and famine.

People’s lives depend on us being there in a crisis. Please give today to help us reach them.

Why your donation matters to us

In an emergency, every second counts – every pair of hands makes a difference, and so does every penny. These are the moments that demand our best. And the faster and stronger our response, the more lives we can save and support in the aftermath.

But to be there for people, we need your help. With more and more disasters happening, and costs rising, our services and teams are stretched. Last year, your support helped us reach people affected by emergencies including the humanitarian crisis in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the earthquake in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria, conflict in Sudan, and the food crisis across Africa – all of which have devastated thousands of lives.

We know there are more emergencies coming. And we have to do more with money that just doesn’t go as far as it used to. So, if you think you can give something, please don’t wait.

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Why do we ask for monthly donations?

A regular monthly donation helps us plan our work, because it helps us know how much income we’ll have in the future. It also allows you to plan your giving and gives you the flexibility to change it at any time.

And don’t ever think your gift is too small. Whatever you can give will help us be here for humanity – responding to emergencies, planning for future ones, and building strong, resilient communities in the UK and 190 other countries around the world.

People need us right now, and we need you.

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How your donation could help

Our teams in the UK and around the world are helping people in crisis. Your donation could help them provide:

  • food and shelter for people who’ve lost their homes and livelihoods
  • clean water, hygiene items and sanitation services to keep people healthy
  • first aid and healthcare for those who cannot access normal healthcare services
  • blankets and warm clothing for people who have been left with nothing
  • mental health support to help people cope with the aftermath

If you're able to support the British Red Cross with a one-off or monthly donation, every time you hear about our work you’ll know you’ve played a part in it.

  • £5 could provide a community in Bangladesh with training on water sanitation and hygiene, helping people keep themselves healthy after a disaster.
  • £12 could buy a hygiene pack for a refugee or person seeking asylum in the UK, giving them access to some of the basics no one should go without.
  • £20 could give a parent in the UK the essential items they need to care for a newborn baby, when they have lost everything due to flooding.
  • £50 could help a family in Nigeria prepare for when severe flooding hits again.
  • £75 could keep 150 survivors of a fire at a block of flats in the UK warm, while we support them to find emergency accommodation for the night.

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Donating to other Red Cross appeals

You can also donate to appeals that help people specifically affected by emergencies in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Afghanistan, Turkey-Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Yemen or Syria.

We refuse to ignore people in crisis. We help people cope with disasters, conflicts and personal crises in the UK and overseas.

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