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The level of humanitarian need in Ukraine is still staggeringly high.

In recent weeks, increased shelling across Ukraine has resulted in more call outs for emergency response teams.

The major cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia and Lviv have all been affected. Ukrainian Red Crescent responders are providing first aid, psychosocial support, heating points, distributing hot drinks and food, and helping set up shelters for people who cannot return home.

This comes almost two years since the conflict in Ukraine first escalated. Throughout that time, thousands of people have died or been injured. Countless homes, businesses and buildings have been destroyed by fighting – people are living in crowded shelters like universities, or nurseries. Many have lost everything.

As temperatures drop below zero throughout the bitter winter, people desperately need warm shelter, clothing, fuel and insulation, and support for additional heating costs. The Ukrainian Red Crescent Society is working around the clock to bring warmth, hope and support to all those in need.

More than seven million people have fled Ukraine, leaving behind everything they have ever known, often including their loved ones. Here in the UK, British Red Cross teams have been on hand to provide support and a friendly, safe place for people to turn to while they rebuild their lives.

The conflict rages on and we need your help to continue supporting people in Ukraine, as well as those who have been forced to flee to other countries, including the UK.

Donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

How can my donation help people?

£10 could provide a hygiene kit to a family of five, giving them supplies to stay healthy for a month.

£20 could provide five blankets to families taking shelter.

£30 could provide 3,600 chlorine tablets to ensure that families have access to clean, safe water.

£100 could provide sleeping mats for 66 people who have been forced from their homes.

£210 could provide a fully equipped first aid kit, including supplies, to a first aider treating the wounded.

Please give what you can to support those who need it.

Donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal and help us save lives.

Why donate to the Red Cross? 

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, staff and volunteers across the movement have provided support to more than 16.9 million people impacted by the crisis so far. This includes:  

  • Healthcare: providing access to medical care as well as clean water.
  • Immediate and long-term support: helping communities to get through winter as well as planning for the months and years ahead.
  • Bringing families together: supporting evacuations and getting people to safety.

Here in the UK our Red Cross teams have:

  • helped 64,000 refugees arriving from Ukraine. 
  • given £2.9 million in emergency financial assistance.
  • distributed more than 20,000 SIM cards so people can stay in touch with their loved ones. 

We make it our mission to help people prepare for, deal with and recover from a crisis – wherever and whoever they may be.  

What your Ukraine donations have achieved so far is incredible. But as the conflict continues, there are people still in need of urgent assistance.  

Please donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal today.

How your donations have helped people from Ukraine: Lyudmyla's story

Lyudmyla, 50, and her 12-year-old daughter lost their home in March 2022 after several shells hit their apartment building. Many of their friends and neighbours were killed. After living with friends in the countryside for a year and a half, they have been offered one of more than 100 new apartments that have been built by the Ukrainian Red Cross Society for those displaced by the conflict.

Their room is equipped with amenities, furniture and appliances. The family received kitchen utensils and food packages. Lyudmyla says she is incredibly grateful, and it will mean that Lyudmyla’s daughter can get to school much more easily.

British Red Cross’ Ukraine country manager, Jeremy Smith, was at the official opening ceremony of the new accommodation in November 2023, and said: “Safe and dignified housing for families who have been displaced by fighting and air strikes will be important as long as the conflict continues.”



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