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Every day, more and more families are being separated by ongoing conflicts, climate change, poverty and persecution – and they urgently need our help.  

It’s hard to imagine how it feels having to flee your home, with no choice but to leave not knowing where your loved ones are. How filled with grief and shock you’d be if you lost all contact with them, and didn’t know if they were safe, or if they were lost forever.   

We’re here to help people so they don’t have to face that alone.  

Every minute. Every hour. Every day, our Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement works to bring families back together. Thanks to our global reach in over 190 countries, and crucial partnership with the International Organization for Migration, we're able to give end-to-end care – helping find, reunite, and guide families as they integrate into their new community. 

No other organisation or charity in the UK currently provides this level of support. For many, our service is a lifeline.  

But as conflicts continue and the frequency of natural disasters increases, the pressure on all our services grows too.   

If you’re able to help us today, please do.

Why your donation matters to us

Right now, we have almost 800 people waiting to use our international family tracing service – every one of them going through heartbreaking separation and uncertainty.  

For many of them, we are their last resort.   

These people rely on us. As do those facing flooding or heatwaves, or people who need a helping hand from hospital to home. All of these moments demand our best – but none of the work we do is possible without the support of people like you.   

So, if you think you can give something, please don’t wait.  

Help the British Red Cross' work with a donation today. 

Why do we ask for monthly donations?

A regular monthly donation helps us plan our work, because we can see how much income we’ll have in the future. It also allows you to plan your giving and gives you the flexibility to change it at any time. 

And don’t ever think your gift is too small. Whatever you can give will help us be here for humanity – reuniting families, responding to emergencies, planning for future ones, and building strong, resilient communities in the UK and 190 other countries around the world. 

People need us right now, and we need you. 

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How your donation could help

If you're able to support the British Red Cross with a one-off or monthly donation, every time you hear about our work, you’ll know you’ve played a part in it.

  • £15 could top up mobile phone for a month to maintain contact with their loved ones and access support. 
  • £20 could help provide a refugee an hour of one-to-one support in navigating the complex family reunion process. 
  • £50 could help us run two skills sessions for refugees and asylum seekers, giving them the tools and skills to live independently. 
  • £100 could help two refugees or asylum seekers access an interpreter to get advice, in their language, on everything from healthcare to education and legal support.  

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Donating to other Red Cross appeals

You can also donate to appeals that help people specifically affected by emergencies in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryAfghanistanTurkey-SyriaSomaliaPakistan, Ukraine, Yemen or Syria.


We refuse to ignore people in crisis. We help people cope with disasters, conflicts and personal crises in the UK and overseas.

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