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Stand with Syria: 13 Years of Crisis

For 13 years Syria has been engulfed in a humanitarian crisis. The ongoing hostilities, economic collapse, and environmental challenges have left over 16 million Syrians in desperate need of assistance - the most since 2011.

Throughout this crisis, the British Red Cross has been supporting the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in providing lifesaving humanitarian aid to those in need. But we can't do it alone – we need your help to continue this vital work.

If you can, please donate today to support our Syria Crisis appeal.

Your donation will help people in Syria who are struggling to survive in tough conditions. Economic decline has driven up the cost of necessities, pushing many into poverty and there’s a severe lack of jobs. Many have had to flee their homes because of the hostilities or natural disasters. For those who have remained, daily life is difficult as many buildings, roads, and other essential facilities have been damaged or destroyed. Even before the catastrophic earthquakes in 2023, hundreds of thousands of homes were already uninhabitable. 

What is the Red Cross doing to help people in Syria?

The British Red Cross has been committed to providing vital support to those in Syria affected by this crisis and will remain so for as long as we are needed. In 2023 alone, through our regular and emergency programs, we've made a huge difference in the lives of around 100,000 people. This includes:

• Supported over 10,000 people with cash assistance affected by the 2023 earthquakes, so their immediate needs could be met

• Supported over 12,000 households with winterisation aid, delivering cash aimed at addressing the basic winter needs of the vulnerable families living in areas subject to low temperatures or inadequate shelter during the winter season in Syria

• 400 households helped to restart income-generating activities – such as starting businesses, to help rebuild their livelihoods

• Reached over 1,000 households with cash support for education – empowering more than 5,000 women and children by December 2023

These activities not only help people with immediate suffering, but also lay the groundwork for the future and a sustainable recovery. Throughout 2024 we continue to help people in Syria – but it’s only through the generosity of our supporters that this is possible. Your contributions not only offer relief, but also fuel resilience and inspire hope.

How can my donation help people in Syria?

Your donation can make a difference in the lives of Syrian people. Whether it's providing food and shelter to displaced families, helping families facing poverty to start their own businesses, supporting households facing harsh winters conditions or supporting the education of children whose lives have been disrupted by conflict, every pound you give will have an impact.

The best way for you to make a difference and help people in crisis in Syria is by donating to our appeal.

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