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Our Red Cross and Red Crescent teams around the world aren’t just humans – we sometimes rely on our canine colleagues too!

A pawsitive way to support the Red Cross  

Dogs are a special part of our history and some Red Cross teams still work with our four-legged friends today. And now, you can help our teams in the UK and overseas support people in crisis by signing up to our new Pup Postcards!

What is Red Cross Pup Postcards and how do I sign up? 

Red Cross Pup Postcards is an exciting new idea we're trialling. We're always thinking of new ways to talk to our supporters and, if you love dogs as much as us, we thought you might like to hear from Orly, our canine colleague. If you sign up to give monthly, to start with, you'll receive 3x monthly virtual postcards from Orly with news of how your donation is making a difference (along with some pawsitive dog content!).

And because this is a brand new idea, we’ll be asking what you think along the way – we really want to make this the best experience possible for you.

Love dogs and want to help people in crisis? Join us today - Orly can't wait to say hello!

Sign up to Red Cross Pup Postcards now.

How will my gift help?  

Your kind donation will help support our vital work in responding to emergencies, planning for future ones, and building strong, resilient communities in the UK and over 190 countries around the world. 
No matter who or where they are, your kind donation could help provide people with: 
- food, clean water, shelter, clothing, and first aid in an emergency 
- emergency response services 
- refugee support services  
- support if they are victims of modern slavery and trafficking  
- wheelchair services 
- help to find missing family 

Thank you so much for your generosity. Together (you, us, and our canine colleagues), we are the world’s emergency responders.

Just so you know, you’ll only receive the virtual postcards as long as your monthly donation is active. If Pup Postcards continues, your monthly gift will continue unless you tell us you’d like to stop it.

Sign up to Red Cross Pup Postcards now.

If you would prefer to support our work in the UK and around the world without receiving our new Pup Postcards, please visit our appeal page.

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