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Communities can get through anything together

At the British Red Cross, we recognise the power of a connected community.

We're there for people who are isolated to make sure everyone can access the help they need. Since Covid-19 hit the UK, our volunteers and staff have been at the heart of communities across the nation. We have been delivering kindness and supporting the people who need it most, no matter who or where they are. 

How do your donations help?

Across the country, thanks to people like you, the British Red Cross has… 

  • Reached more than 710,000 people through our emergency response services (including house fires, flooding, and our Covid-19 response)
  • Supported 590,000 people at vaccination centres
  • Made over 12,000 medicine deliveries to people who were unable to pick up their prescriptions

Please donate today and pledge what you can. With your help, we can continue to bring communities together and stand strong in the toughest times. Reach those who need it the most and make a difference today. Donate now and put your kindness into action!

You have the power to change lives


Thanks to your kindness, we responded to 29 international emergencies last year


With your support, we helped to reunite 1,280 families in 2019


Since March 2020, we've delivered over 87,000 food parcels to those who needed them

More than 17 million

volunteers across over 90 countries, are ready to put your kindness to work

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