Libyan Red Crescent emergency teams are responding to support those impacted by the devastating flooding in the northeast of the country.

Libya Floods Appeal

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Help those affected by catastrophic flooding.

In response to the catastrophic flooding in Libya last September we launched an emergency appeal to support the people affected. Months later, we still need your help.

On Sunday 10 September 2023, Storm Daniel hit north-eastern Libya, causing strong winds and sudden heavy rainfall. The result was devastating flash floods, where “tsunami-like” waves swept away everything in their path.

In the port city of Derna, two dams burst under the pressure and entire neighbourhoods were destroyed by the three-metre-high flood waters. Thousands of people were killed, and bridges, buildings and vital infrastructure were badly damaged.

The eastern cities of Benghazi, Sousa, and Al-Marj also experienced flash flooding and, like Derna, left many in urgent need of vital aid and support.
To help those who remain in a desperate situation, if you can, please make a donation today.

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How is the Red Cross helping?

Libyan Red Crescent Society teams were among the first responders, leading search and rescue and providing first aid. Now they continue to support those affected, with sanitation, clean water, medical aid and shelter.

Giving ongoing first aid and medical assistance
• Providing psychosocial support, especially given the emotional toll of losing entire families
Running a central emergency operation room in Benghazi
 The provision of food, clean water, emergency shelter kits and other relief items

How can you help those affected by the floods?

The best way to help us reach people affected by the flooding in Libya is by donating to our appeal, which supports local teams on the ground.

Help by donating to the Libya Floods Appeal. 

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"The emotional and physical toll of this disaster has been immense. While we have been diligent in our immediate response, the recovery process is far from over. Attention must not wane."

Tamer Ramadan, IFRC Head of Delegation in Libya.

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