Red Cross personnel stand with Land Rover vehicles

UK Coronavirus Response with Land Rover

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Red Cross personnel pose with Land Rover vehicles

Why we need your help

The coronavirus outbreak is the greatest global health emergency in living memory. It is affecting the way we all go about our daily lives.

In these uncertain times, small acts of kindness can make a huge difference.

For over 150 years, the British Red Cross has supported people in the UK in times of crisis. The ongoing, ever-changing situation concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is no exception. Our network of incredible staff and volunteers means we are uniquely placed to reach people in fearful, uncertain times. 

But it’s the generosity of our supporters that enables our work to happen quickly and efficiently. We rely on your support to keep us going. With your help, we’ll continue to provide vital humanitarian, individual support for the most vulnerable, and those who fall through the gaps.

There is someone who needs you today. Your donation can change their life.


Land Rover and the British Red Cross

Land Rover is supporting the Red Cross COVID-19 response through the loan of dozens of cars to Red Cross teams in Australia, UK, France, Spain and other countries.

Through its longstanding partnership with the British Red Cross and the International Federation of the Red Cross, Land Rover empowers communities to become prepared for uncertainty and disasters. Over the next 3 years Land Rover is funding vital disaster management programs in Australia, Italy, India, Mexico, UK and USA. In addition, Land Rover supports the Disaster Relief Alliance which, in 2019, contributed to the British Red Cross response to 20 global crises and a range of UK crises including flooding across multiple parts of England.

We refuse to ignore people in crisis. We help people cope with disasters, conflicts and personal crises.

Thanks to your support, every year:


people are trained in life-saving first aid skills


people can be helped to cope after UK emergencies

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