Rescuers search for survivors of the Turkey and Syria earthquake in February 2023

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

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Catastrophic damage and vast humanitarian need in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria 

The Red Cross is providing vital aid to those affected by the devastating earthquakes that struck southern Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria in February this year.  

Every day in Türkiye (Turkey), around 1,000 staff and 1,500 volunteers continue to support those in need. So far they have: 

• Provided 416 million hot meals  

• Distributed more than 10 million relief items - including tents, blankets, heaters, and hygiene kits  

• Supported over 600,000 vulnerable people with multi-purpose cash, and an additional 140,000 with cash vouchers.  
In Syria, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent has reached more than 5.3 million people with relief assistance for their basic needs, such as food, clothing, hygiene products, medicines and much more. To date they have distributed over 3.2 million items including food, relief packages and medical items.

The impact of these earthquakes will be felt for years to come, and the road to recovery has only just started. We urgently need funds to support people now and in the longer term as they rebuild their lives.  

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How will my donation help people in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria? 

Your gift will help our teams continue to provide:  
• Food and shelter for people who’ve lost their homes and livelihoods.  
• Clean water, hygiene items and sanitation services, especially for people living in temporary shelters where hygiene measures are hard to maintain and there’s an increased risk of infectious diseases.  
• First aid and healthcare to those who have been injured, are at risk from disease or are struggling to access normal healthcare services.  
• Blankets and warm clothing to people who been left with nothing and are facing extremely harsh weather conditions.  
• Mental health support for those who’ve lost loved ones and are living fear of more earthquakes and aftershocks. 

How we're helping with long-term support

On Monday 6 February a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria. Later that day, two further large earthquakes (6.5 and 7.5) and a series of aftershocks hit the region.  
Then two weeks later, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck near Antakya in Türkiye – an area already severely affected by the first earthquakes.  

Since day one, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Turkish Red Crescent have been working around the clock to provide vital support, including in the hardest hit areas. Thanks to their efforts, and the generosity of Red Cross supporters, we have been able to support millions of people who have lost everything. 

Lives in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria are currently being put at risk by a lack of access to safe water, a rise in infectious diseases like cholera, and a loss of means to buy food and other necessities.   

Please help us continue to be there for the people caught up in this emergency for as long as they need us.

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