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Yemen is one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises.


More than half of the population lacks access to safe water. Sultana has been coming to a Red Crescent water point in Yemen’s capital Sana’a for the last few years to get clean water for her six children. Clean water is crucial for families like Sultana’s to survive the crisis and avoid life-threatening diseases like cholera.


In Yemen, cities have become battlefields. Dead bodies lie in the streets. The situation is desperate. Medicines and medical supplies are extremely scarce and more than half the population do not have enough food. Extreme hunger, disease and conflict are killing or injuring an estimated 75 people every day.


We need your help to bring vital aid to people like Sultana and her family who are in desperate need. Please donate now.

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I keep wondering what I can do for my children to make things easier for them.

Yahia Hizam

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