British Red Cross on the ground in the UK and around the world

Kindness Has No Borders

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British Red Cross on the ground in the UK and around the world

Your kindness will transcend borders.

You could help someone in crisis in the UK, and someone overseas.  
Covid-19 has no borders – the whole world has been affected. The challenges and the support needed varies from town to town, country to country – but there is a common thread: the pandemic has hurt people. It continues to.  

Experts in our teams have made clear the severity and breadth of challenges that people are going to face this winter. We have to do something.

How can British Red Cross help?

We’ve launched our Kindness has no borders appeal this winter. All the money we raise will be split evenly between helping people in crisis here in the UK, and our International Relief Fund, which we created to support communities and projects around the world that have been devastated by Covid-19. 

Whatever you can manage, it could make a vital difference to someone’s life. It could mean comfort and conversation for someone lonely, or food for someone who’s hungry. It could mean education for a child, or it could mean someone’s home is reinforced against extreme weather.  

And it could mean that somebody, somewhere knows that people care about them.  

How could my donation help?

  • £35 could provide vocational training to vulnerable women so that they can earn an income in Sierra Leone. 
  • £40 could cover the first grocery shop for someone coming home from hospital to an empty kitchen.  
  • £58 could pay for one of our volunteers to transport an elderly patient home from hospital - easing the strain on the NHS by helping them recover at home. 
  • £95 could provide 1 young goat for farmers in Kenya affected by climate change to support their livelihoods.

By making a donation today, you can support someone who is struggling in the UK this winter and someone facing the brutal knock-on effect of Covid abroad. 

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