Indonesian Red Cross members sorting through debris after the tsunami

Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal Supported By Land Rover

Please donate to help us provide vital aid to people in need in Indonesia.

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Indonesian Red Cross members sorting through debris after the tsunami

Why we need your help

Donate now to support families in Indonesia, who have lost everything.

A deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Indonesia, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The devastation is shocking.

Please, give what you can today to help people in desperate need.

The Red Cross has been amongst the first to reach some of the most remote areas. We are finding devastation and tragedy everywhere.

Petobo village was completely destroyed. Entire families have lost everything. Many have lost their lives.

But the local Red Cross staff and volunteers are there right now, racing to save lives. They are supporting search and rescue efforts and delivering life-saving water, food and medical care.

As the true extent of this disaster is uncovered in the coming weeks and months, we will continue be there to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Please, act now to save lives.

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The survivors of this disaster have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods. We cannot let them lose hope as well.

Iris van Deinse

Red Cross delegate

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