The Emergencies Fund

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In an emergency, every second counts.

As the last few years have shown us, more crises are happening every year. That’s why the Emergencies Fund exists – to help us rapidly respond to give people the help they urgently need, as well as fuel day-to-day operations that enable us to be ready as soon as disaster strikes.

In every emergency, the faster our teams can respond, the more lives we save.

But none of this is possible without you. 

In the early stages of an emergency, it is crucial to release funds as quickly as possible, before further vital donations can be raised. Regular donations from generous supporters like you really do make a difference; helping us to be there immediately following a disaster and continue supporting people in the aftermath.

If you can, please set up a monthly gift today – anything you can afford to give will make a difference. Thank you. 

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The Emergencies Fund is supporting our response to emergencies globally, including helping families affected by devastating floods caused by El Niño in Kenya, supporting health centres in Yemen, and helping reunite families separated by conflict and disasters in the UK.

Map showing where the Emergencies Fund has been used incl Kenya Yemen UK

How the fund works – four simple steps:

1. You set up a regular gift or give a cash donation to our Emergencies Fund.

2. Your gift is there, ready to support people anywhere in the world, whether that’s through our ongoing work or in an emergency.

3. Disaster strikes and we release money from the fund. If you’ve signed up for our updates, you’ll get emails with information on recent allocations.

4. Our teams put your donations into action, helping people in crisis.

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