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Donate to help the Disaster Fund Appeal

Your donation will support the humanitarian response to disasters, just like the current global coronavirus outbreak. The British Red Cross has recently pledged £200,000 from our Disaster Fund to support the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s global response to this ongoing crisis.

Funds for the Movement’s global Covid-19 response will provide vital help to the worst affected countries, such as transporting coronavirus patients to hospitals or giving psychosocial support to people in quarantine. Donations will also help developing countries, who may not have the healthcare systems to cope, to prepare for coronavirus cases – through public messaging on spotting symptoms and getting the right help.


When a flood, hurricane or earthquake strikes, we need to respond immediately. Donate to our Disaster Fund to ensure we can reach people quickly in future crises in the UK and around the world.

In recent years, we’ve seen all kinds of natural disasters and emergencies: floods in Bangladesh, Kenya and the Central African Republic, Cyclone Amphan in India and Bangladesh, Hurricane Eta in Central America, and the Beirut chemical explosion.

We know how disasters like floods and fires can affect the lives of people in the UK, but for countries who are already facing challenges like ongoing conflict, extreme hunger and disease, the impact is devastating. Millions have lost their homes and livelihoods, and are unable to access essentials like food, clean water, and basic healthcare.  

Nobody can predict where the next disaster will strike. But one thing is certain. Whether there’s an earthquake in Nepal, floods in Somerset or conflict in Yemen, the Red Cross must be ready to act as soon as we're needed.

We rely on the generosity of people like you to help thousands of people when they need us most. By supporting our Disaster Fund, your money will be used to fund emergency response as soon as it is needed in the UK and anywhere in the world.


Disaster fund appeal: key facts

  • During 2020, there were more than 100 disasters worldwide affecting over 50 million people and killing more than 410,000. Of these, 83 per cent were climate related – and this figure is rising
  • More than 1.7 billion people around the world have been affected by climate and weather-related disasters during the past decade
  • In 2020, England received 141 per cent of its average February rainfall over less than two weeks during a series of storms

We can make sure we’re ready to give people the help they need in an emergency – whether it’s essentials like food, shelter and health care, or other forms of support like reuniting families torn apart by crisis.

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, we’ve helped provide:


essential items such as blankets and mosquito nets after the Haitian earthquake


families with emergency cash assistance after the Beirut chemical explosion


people with emergency aid, clean sanitation and safe water after Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique

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